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Look at This was founded in Chicago in spring 2019 by Moriah Martel and Mel (aka Mystic Frog). We believe that artistic self expression is an essential and magical part of being alive. Through our programming and personal work we offer dialog around art and creativity, support for artists, and a community of free creation and sharing. We value innovation, intuition, authenticity, community and mutual support. Gatekeepers, both real and imagined, are unnecessary - art is for everyone. 

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MORIAH MARTEL Founder: Moriah is an actor and artist. She has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and through out the rural east coast. Collaborators include The Second City, Full Spectrum Features, Red Tape Theater, The Kennedy Center, Edinburgh Fringe, CalArts Center for New Performance, Vermont Suitcase Company and Bittersweet Arts Co. Moriah is a co-founder of Book Club Theater and the founder of Look at This. She is a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts with a BFA in acting and a self designed minor in film. Website. Blog.


MEL Co-Founder: Missouri Native, Chicago trained and New Mexico based, Mary Lumley (aka mystic_frog) is a queer (she/her/they/them) multidisciplinary DIY artist, dreamer and educator. Mary’s creative work specializes in experimental community-based performance art, often influenced by comedy, absurdism and Meisner technique. Through radical creativity, storytelling, community organizing, Mary hopes to empower young diverse local artists and educators to create, en masse, a culturally inclusive and sustainable work environment that embraces life’s joys and encourages recreation in occupation.

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